Standard Smartbox

Central Box, Two Tool Cabinets, Gas Struts as standard on Lockable Lid. The standard Smartbox weighs 400kgs empty and can be painted to match your tractor at no extra cost.


Small Smartbox

Same as the standard Smartbox, but the centre section is 30 cm smaller in width. It weighs 350kgs empty and can have a 650kg concrete weight insert.


Concrete Weight inserts

Lift in and out with pallet forks. Available in 600kg, 800kg, and 1000kg (600kg and 800kg weights incorporate extra storage space)


LED Lighting

Four very bright marker lights that can be seen from the front and equally well from the side,to help traffic see you when pulling out of gateways.


Removable  4″ vice

Very handy for those  in field repairs that otherwise would need a trip back to base!


200 litre diesel or adblue tank insert

Fits into the small or standard Smartbox . Comes with a 12 volt electric pump and 4 metre dispensing hose.